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ACME offers a product line that is the newest generation in ornamental steel fencing. The product has high-tensile steel components that are fusion-welded together at each intersection and offers a special E-Coating!

ACME also specializes in customized high quality iron fencing and gates that can have many unique opening and security features.

Additionally, our wood fencing is durable and visually stimulating. At ACME we only use high quality Eastern Cedar which is an affordable alternative to Cypress. Cedar and Cypress trees are related and have similar insect and weather resistant properties. Here's the latest report on Eastern Cedar.

We are proud of not only our finished product but also our reputation for working closely with our clients. We take time to provide information that will help guide our client’s decision toward what is perfect for their particular taste, terrain, budget and spatial considerations. 

Our mission is to provide the most innovative fence and gate solutions while adding value to your home or business. 

If you have questions please Contact Us or call Danny Bryant at (318)237-9654.