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WOOD FENCING-Eastern Red Cedar

Installing a fence involves more than digging postholes and nailing boards together. We pride our business on using the same wood that Grandma's Cedar Chest was made of... Eastern Aromatic Cedar. Eastern Cedar is one of the only types of wood that is naturally resistant to insects and decay...a close relative to Cypress. So at ACME, we only use Eastern Aromatic Cedar pickets.

In addition to updating the appearance of your home, a good fence design can add value and security.

Take some time to look at the variety of fence designs in your neighborhood. Whether you want a privacy, picket or boundary fence, there are many attractive options in a range of prices.

Many towns and cities have zoning laws and your neighborhood may have a covenant code concerning fence heights and materials. Check with your local code enforcement office and neighborhood association about the types of fences allowed in your area. You will be confident making an informed decision, and avoid having to remove your fence if it doesn't meet with local codes.

The following is a list of things to consider when planning your fence design:

  • What is the most durable type of wood?
  • Which type of fence matches your home and neighborhood?
  • How close can the fence be to the property line?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is the purpose of the fence? Should it be high enough to contain a dog? Is it decorative and bordering flowerbeds? Is it a security fence? Will the fence enclose a pool area?
  • If you choose a wood fence, will it need painting or staining? Do you prefer pressure-treated pine or cedar?
  • Does the decorative side of the fence face your home, or your neighbor's? Will the fence impede your neighbor's view or enjoyment of their yard?
  • Do you feel confident installing the fence yourself, or should you hire a contractor?

A little planning will help you choose the right type of fence.

Need a new fence? Contact us anytime for a free estimate.

Think realistically about the amount of work involved in digging postholes and setting the posts correctly. Many people prefer to hire a professional to ensure the job is done correctly.

Compare the cost of renting the equipment, having the materials delivered and the time required to install the fence, to the cost of hiring a professional. The price variable might be small when you consider the amount of labor required and the knowledge that the job will be done correctly.

Acme Fence and Iron Works is ready, able and eager to help with your project.